October 23, 2012

5 minute Makeover..Again!

What you are about to see will revolutionize your life!

I wish it were so but really I just changed up a mirror I found at the thrift store for $9.95.  I know, that was so mean..... but when you see it you think otherwise. It is another 5 minute makeover however. This is where I find something and transform it in about 5 minutes. This took 10 minutes to transform and then three days to wait to use but I'll take it...it was still quick.

 I wanted to change out my spring silver platter wreath that has been hanging on my door since, well spring, but didn't want to do typical fall decor either. When I saw the mirror and matching shelf set at the thrift, I grabbed it and was amazed at how light it was. It's Styrofoam! Perfect because I originally thought  it was stone and it would break my window in the door as soon as someone opened it. So, what did I do with the mirror. I removed the mirror, added a luan oval in it's place and painted the wood with chalkboard paint.
Yeah, I am not breakin' new ground here ladies!! But I still think it looks nifty changed up and it will get a lot more use as a chalkboard on my front door than a mirror.

I used the mirror to make the luan the correct size and shape and then cut it out using my jigsaw (yeah power tools!). I painted it with three coats of chalkboard paint and let cure for three days. This is important or you will not get a good surface to chalk on. Once all dry, I then added a ribbon on the back to hang.

Before chalking your lovely words and pictures, you need to condition the board. How do you do that?      The picture above says it all.....just scribble all over it and then wipe it off. Now create Picasso. Wait till you see what i came up with for my drawing. 

Knocks you socks off right? Tess does that all by herself, the little imp.

If you are in the neighborhood, I'll be leaving some chalk on the ledge so you can leave me a message. Please try to be a might more creative than I was....

Always being renewed,

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  1. Such an inviting sign! Coming over for a hot cup of coffee!

  2. I love the shape of this sign! Chalkboard makes my heart skip a beat every time! Have a great week!


  3. I've got a glass door, too. To keep my wooden wreath from rattling against the door I attached a piece of sticky-back velcro to the wreath and the other piece on the glass of the door. It holds the wreath tight against the door even in 38 mph winds :) I can take the sticky velcro off the door using adhesive remover when I'm ready.

  4. What a neat frame! I love the chalkboard back & so sweet that people can leave you a message if they visit and you aren't home. Too cute!
    Debbie :)


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