October 21, 2012

SACP² #1

If this is your first time to Reposhture Studios, well welcome sister and thanks for stopping. Now if you are a non-blogger but are a crafty sort, then you need to join my secret club. You can hit the button below to see the rules of our club and find out your secret crafty spy name. 
Reposhture Studio

I had several people say what a great idea this is so if you are a non-blogger but like to DIY and Craft, send me your pics and I will feature you here! Yep! Right here! 

So follow me, Cassie Junkalicious, aka the Junkinator, as I do my secret crafty spy work to obtain the undercover photos on the secret CD..... I had to don my french beret, black sunglasses, and ruby red lips because we crafty spies are tres chic, non?

I am so stealthy as I pick the locks and enter the home without tripping the alarms....head up the stairs and crack the safe.

Such a cute kid....but not what I am looking for....

I know I look pre-occupied, but my glue gun is always loaded and I am not afraid to use it if a craft should happen to appear suddenly

The Secret CD that holds the pics that I need to deliver to you by 0800 hours (whatever that is)

Spies always need to make a clean getaway and I am feeling a little like I need to make an exciting one too. So onto the banister it is!

Ready, set....


Okay, here is the first set of Super Spies that joined the SACP².  Missy, aka Diva Goodnight (aka my Big sister!) found a great little owl and paired it with this planting. I adore the color combination and that little owl might be stowing away in my suitcase next tie I come for a visit.. SHHHHH, spies never tell, it is part of the CODE.

Next she added some punkins to her mantel 

and told me how she is growing these plants indoors. Again, love the colors.

Up next is Pat (aka Solitaire Little) who really out did herself. She paints, sews leather, makes shoes, knits and paints furniture. Maybe her spy name should be Jack, as in Jack of all trades. Here are a few of her creations. 

Repainted Wine Crates


Chair and Dresser Re-do

She made these shoes!

And this purse

So how did my get away go?

See for yourself...
Gotta work on my landing......that's gonna leave a mark....

Always being renewed,

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  1. What fun!! Loved seeing these great creations. You have such a wonderful idea, to show us projects we would otherwise not see. Some talented ladies, enjoyed seeing their lovely work.

  2. Thanks Kim for sharing my work...and in such a fun way. I can't tell you how much it means to me. I'm going to get dressed now in my cute spy outfit.


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