November 12, 2012

Better Late than Never Halloween!

Well, I think if there was an award for the latest post on Halloween, I'd win hands down! I was having some blogger problems so this wouldn't post when I wanted it to. Ce la Vie!

So here is either a really, reeeeally late Halloween post or it will give you really, reeeeeeally early ideas for 2013!

This one is too funny! Clearly Izzy (left)  is going to be the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre villain and Tessa (right) is NOT going to aspire to be a surgeon. Andrew is the headless pumpkin carver as is his desire in life.

Jake's pumpkin He was Hawkeye for Halloween so his pumpkin was in keeping with the theme of the Avengers

Three faces of Izzy and Andrew's toothy, dentist's nightmare pumpkin

Now onto the Handmade Costume Halloween Fashion Show. We make costumes in this house because frankly I don't have $35 per kid to spend and I look it as a personal challenge to keep it under $10 per kiddo. Of course now they all think I can make almost anything out of nothing. Not sure if that is good or bad or AWESOME! 

Hawkeye for $3.00
 Women's vest that I cut off the sleeves and used one of them to make the arm protector thingy (very technical name I know, I don't want you to know how smart I really am) that goes with bows and arrows. Spray painted knee pads and boots we already had.

Olympic Gymnast
$2.50 for the jumpsuit from a thrift store. Used paints we already had to for the USA and we had the medal from swimming, no one looked that close thank goodness

Free! Just raided the dress-up box. Maybe we should call her a modern princess since she obviously understands the value of a good pair of shoes instead of glass slippers

Too cutie pies all glittered up and ready to go get some serious candy. You can now see all of the carved pumping. Tessa's is the one with the big eyes, just like her! Mine is the chrysanthemum although it kinda looks like a scorpion now that I study it in this photo. Yeah I meant tot do that! 

Ellie May Clampett
Free! It you are under 40 you may need to YouTube the Beverly Hillbillies to get this. Aging myself! When I showed the girls one of the episodes, they were totally hooked on the Clampetts. Couldn't convince Andrew to go as Jethro though....

Now onto some goodies that were super easy to do. Cake pops! One of the women I work with gave me a recipe book on cake pops. They have so many ideas but Izzy and I decided the mummies would be good to make for her classroom party.

My first attempt at the wrappings looked a little like they were coming unwrapped!

The fun part about cake pops is that you can also just use edible ink markers to decorate the candy coated pops. Abstract modern cake pop by Tessa Uccellini

Ghost pop

Finished product. These are delicious, I tell you. You could easily eat an entire mummified Egyptian village in under 10 minutes.

Happy Belated Halloween!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Κim you are so ahead of us... to show us inspiration for Halloween 2013!


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