December 20, 2011

Recycled sweater skirts

AHHHHHHHH! I have been without Internet for about 5 days now because my wireless thingy is intermittent. So I am going to try and post while I have access. We shall see how this goes. This was what I was going to post 5 days ago so if it sounds stale, it probably is after all it has been sitting around that long.

I get about 1.2 million catalog in the mail at Christmas time. It is something I look forward to every year. NOT. I have to hide the toy catalogs from the kids so they don’t go into toy overload and get that glassy eyed look adults usually get from too much , well, too much.

Every once and a while one raises my interest and I feel like I might find something that I have never seen before and so it is worth looking through while I have 2 minutes in the bathroom. ALONE.

Uncommon Goods was one of those catalogs and Tuesday, November 30th  was one of those days when I had those two minutes. Alone. I found the most adorable A-line skirt made of recycled cotton skirts! Thought of several ways to cleverly suggest this to my husband and then I looked at the price. $54!!

No way Santa Fe. Not when I have a sewing machine and I am not afraid to use it. So off to the Goodwill to score some sweaters and make a skirt for myself.  Merry Christmas to me.  On the way with my two smallish lima beans, Izzy and Tessa, I thought “why not make matching skirts for all three of us?” Now why that thought hit me is up for CSI investigation because never in my life have I wanted to make matching anything for anybody. But that day it seemed like a good idea.

We managed to get 8 sweaters for $37 and I made 6 sweater skirts.  Why 6? I am glad  you asked!. We went to NYC to celebrate my IN-laws 50th (woot, woot!) anniversary and and we were going to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular so I thought we might need some spectacular new Christmas sweater skirts for the occasion.  Not the ugly Christmas sweater party kind.

The first set is below. I love the jewel tones of the skirts and each of the girls got a pocket. Which we all know is tres chic with the 3-8 year old crowd.

 3 blondies, two honest to goodness, one not so much


Teeny Tessa's

I am sure I will find all kinds of treasures in here after she is done wearing it!

The second set is for the Rockettes show cuz we kicked up our heels and rocked those skirts. We decided we would make the skirts look like peppermint sticks for the girls and just the girls as 42 year old women should know their limits.

At first these looked like cheer leading skirts  then like Santa skirts when I added the black band.  HMMM.  Needs something.  Rockettes inspire me will ya?  Sequins, of course, why didn’t I think of that. 

Miss Sassy herself
So sequins were added quick as a wink. It really was as easy as you might think!

Is anyone else feeling like I am writing a Christmas poem instead of a blog post here?

Two cute candy sticks

I kept mine simple but festive and I think it will be an all occasion skirt for me! I am in love with these skirts ands  apparently everyone else is as well because I was literally stopped no less than 6 times at work and asked where I got the skirt.  Since this is sew super easy ( I love puns in case anyone cares)  as soon as I get this WIFI thing fixed, I’ll post the tutorial and you all can make one for your bad selves and your own little elves.
What do you think?

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  1. I love the matching skirts - for you and your cutie pies! I also love your daughter's name - I have a Tessa too!

  2. These skirts are absolutely adorable. Do you have an etsy shop?!

  3. When will you post the tutorial ? Very cute!!

  4. I'd love a lesson/tutorial!


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