February 16, 2012


Here is a fun way to make pancakes for dinner (and holidays/birthdays) more fun!! Is that even possible?

For Valentine's Day we made pancakes in the shape of hearts and the word "love". Super easy and the kids just eat it up (bad pun, I know).

The key is the squirt bottle. Totally helps control the pancake batter and helps you write the words

IMPORTANT: Watch what your doing....No one wants to be burned by love.

Write your words backwards....

so they look AWESOME when you flip them! A bit of a challenge but isn't love worth it?
Then we had fun cutting up the hearts and saying things like, "oh no! You broke my  heart!"
I thought to add some red licorice whip arrows after the fact. Next time I do pancakes (tomorrow anybody?)

Enjoy and have fun. Next up...Presidential faces in honor of their birthdays!!

Always being renewed,

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