February 24, 2012

Work, Work, Work, oh, and more Work!!

I have so many pieces of furniture in my basement now because I have awesome friends!! Yes, my friends, this means you, now call me and tell me when good furniture is available from the curbside market.

It goes something like this, in a hushed CIA tone as they are usually calling from their cell phone with their husband's present....."Hey Kim, this is C. You might want to drive by Jackson street soon. I am pretty sure there's a desk under all the debris piled at the curb so bring your retrieval gear. It needs picked up asap!"  The verb "to be" is optional in Pittsburgh.

Me: "Thanks C, you are a great friend and furniture conspirator!"
        "Kids we have an emergency! Get in the car...no don't worry about your shoes, you won't need               them and we don't have a minute to waste. It's go time!"

10 minutes later...loudly to no one in particular, "That C, she is always right! It is AWESOME!" and another piece is added to the hoard.

The problem?

 I work 3 days a week as an educational Audiologist in the schools and I teach 1 day a week at Pitt so that leaves me 1 day a week to spend with my little soon to be 4 year old AND try to keep this fledgling furniture business going!!! I sometimes am very envious of bloggers who are stay-at-home moms who can work on their furniture more. Although I realize that being a SAHM is also a full day,  so no disrespect meant to anyone.

This week I have just been feeling less than motivated to work on furniture and I am not sure why. Maybe tired this week, or maybe I just mentally need a break to renew connections with my family.

That usually jump starts the creative juices.

Thanks for listening. You always let me say what I need without interruption.

<3 u!

Always being renewed,

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