February 7, 2012

Vintage Modern side tables

Can something be both vintage and modern? I say yes. We have complex personalities so why can't our furniture?!? Although if someone looked at my house they would be able to diagnose the split personality without the aid of a psychiatrist.

Take my Lane side tables that I scored from  the Goodwill for example. These tables are over 60 years old.

And they look it. But they have great lines. I first did them in a deep gray but then felt like they needed something to give them some punch. They still look so tired....

 I heard that a little white eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes makes you look more wide awake and alive

I do believe they are right! My little tables dooo look more alive and a whole lot less tired!

Modern agrees with them I think
I found the hardware at http://www.knobsandhardware.com/ It is almost that same as one of  the original pulls but as you can see in the before picture, the pulls don't match. THese are almost the exact same pull but in a brushed finish and only cost $6.00 each. I'll save the other pulls  and use them on something else.

These might not make it to the shop...don't tell my man. He's starting to think I need to be included on a Hoarders special. But I gotta say, I love that he tolerates all the crap as I pursue my passion. And I am not just talking about the stuff cluttering up the house but like when he comes home and the dishes haven't been done, nor the laundry, nor well just about everything else. He just smiles and rolls up his sleeves and gets dishpan hands in the process.

Vintage hands because we have been together for a long time. Modern hands because he is not afraid to do "women's" work. Beautiful hands because they do loving work.

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Always being renewed,


  1. I LOVE your side tables! How I wish I could find some just like that! "Vintage modern" is my very favorite decorating style! Your husband sounds like my husband, an all-around great guy and very patient! Seems like we may have a few things in common! ~ Barbara

  2. LOL! I think your hubby and mine could relate on a lot of aspects! Loving your side tables Barbara!!! XO, Aimee

  3. I love these tables:) I love how you described your husband's hands:) You both must be lucky to have each other!

  4. Your husband is so much like mine. I asked him to help me with a couple of project this coming weekend and he rolled his eyes and said he needs to do the housework...since "someone" wasn't doing a lot of that lately..lol Great job on the tables :)


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