April 27, 2012

Husband challenge

Did I get your attention???

Okay before I go on,
 to all of you who have left funny comments with concerns for my safety, my sanity and my indoor skiing! Y'all are too kind. I did not injure myself in the making of the tutorial, I have a clause in my marriage contract that prohibits me from being down for more than a week. My husband does not like being a single parent! But I did have fun and I am glad you found the pics amusing. I certainly had fun posing for them.

So let's get on with this challenge!  SO No, this is not how you can change your husband, because we all know that is a challenge that is better left alone. It will never happen and usually we are the ones who need to change how we deal with all those endearing elements of our man.

But how about challenging yourself to name a few things that you LURVE about your hubs? I found out about this challenge from Amber at Live, Love, Green after she became a follower of mine. So naturally, I had to follow her back. Anyone who likes me is obviously brilliant, hee, hee! No really go see her and link up to her Husband Challenge.

Here is the scoop directly from Amber:

Welcome to the Husband Challenge Linky Party!
How do I join?
Just write a post on your blog about what you appreciate about your husband/fiance/heck even boy-friend. Then come back here and copy and paste the link into the form below (very bottom of the post.) If you don’t have a blog that’s cool, leave a comment and let me know the same thing! Oh and here is the button to add to your posts.
Life Love Green

So what do I lurve about my hubs? I am just going to compile a list because that seems to be the easiest way to think it out.

1. He loves Jennifer Lopez so my butt can never get "too big". I am golden!!
2. He lets me do my crazy orange everywhere.
3. He trusts my decorating skills. Poor fella.
4. He loves me!
5. He knows he does not understand me sometimes but he always tries hard to not judge me. Especially during "that" time.
6. . Idea man.
7. He is the hardest working man I know. 
8. He is so smart and helps me analyze things in ways I could never do.
9. Super funny, makes me laugh daily
10. Such a great dad. I can not tell you how special he is in this department
11. He thinks I am sexy and that is important when everything is migrating south and there is no hope of recovery. 
12. Loyal and ethical
13. Buys me power tools.
14. Puts up with the warehouse look of the house when I get going on a furniture binge ( we do NOT call it hoarding in this household, k?)
15. Thinks I am a good mom
16. Finds me funny

 I guess I just love him, that's all there is to it.

Always being renewed,


  1. Yea! I'm so excited you joined in! I knew it was a good decision to follow you ;) I love your list it sounds like you have a very fun marriage. Can't wait to get to know you more.

  2. Well Kim, the most important thing of all the above is number 13! Because if he didn't do that, then I guess it would be a cause of separation!


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