April 1, 2012

Silver tray "wreath" tutorial

I am loving all of the unique wreaths that are making their way around the web and Pinterest so I thought I'd try my hand at it. It has been years since I have made anything floral but I am pretty happy about it. Actually I did do my happy dance for about 2 minutes when I hung it to see how it looked. Couldn't help myself. You know you do it too so no judging.  

Here is how it looks on my door. You can see it's transformation here.

Here is how the silver tray got transformed into a "wreath":

You'll need: glue gun, sheet moss, silver tray, Styrofoam balls (two different sizes, one of each), 3" ribbon, 1.5" ribbon, silk greenery sprig with lots of textures and different leaf shape, flowers of your choice, possibly a drill (you know I loves me some power tools)

 My silver tray must have had handles because it already had holes. If it has handles, just thread your ribbon through the handle/ Otherwise....
Make bigger holes with your drill so you can thread the ribbon. Use a drill bit made for metal and use eye protection. At this point, my camera batteries died so I had to recharge them.  While I was waiting for them to recharge which takes a few hours, I thought I'd go get my lips plumped.  My daughter wanted to do the same. Now don't go reporting me to the authorities but I don't have a problem with that.
 As long as they are wax! Don't we look de-lovely?!  We laughed ourselves silly taking all kinds of pictures with these on. Love that girl, she is a beauty truly from the inside out.
 Kiss, Kiss. Now back to some serious crafting shall we?
 I made my hole 5/16 just so you know.
 Carefully thread your 3" ribbon through the holes as above, making sure you don't pull it on the rough opening 
 Cut your Styrofoam balls in half and hot glue them to the tray. If you notice, I did not polish my silver tray. I love the tarnish so just use Windex to clean your fingerprints and  your good.
 Pull your sheet moss apart and cover the Styrofoam with it using hot glue.
 I added the glue to the moss and then placed it on the balls.

 Now cannibalize your floral stem. I almost always cut my stems apart and just use what I want. That way I get to place my flowers or foliage where I want it and not how the floral stem makers decided to put it together.
 Start adding your foliage and flowers however you like! See how I put some long spikes on the right? Cannibal florist!!   Now at this point this bad girl needed some color so I added some deep purple ribbon. Why purple? Because purple and orange look amazing together. Something about them being tertiary colors is the idea.
 Cut a 2.5 " piece of your 1.5" wide ribbon, fold in half and wrap some wire around it tightly
 You are making a small loop like this. I made three and hot glued them near my roses.
 I added some foam cushion so it won't bang on the window so badly the million times my door is going to get opened and closed by my three human beans.
And here she is all dolled up. I added the ribbon at the bottom by threading the ribbon from the back and tying it once, then tying another tie with a small opening, tie one more time with a larger opening then arrange your tails how you like. Take some pics, check your hair in the tray because it is also a mirror I found out as I was taking my pics and do YOUR happy dance!!

Come in and have a visit, how do you take your coffee?

Always being renewed,

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