April 9, 2012

Resurrection Day Fun

Just thought I'd post some fun pics of what we did on Saturday and Easter day.  Started with an amazing time at church worshipping and then up to the outlaws for some ethnic delight and family. What could be better?

Licking the bowl!

Killing Dying eggs

Tessa and Izzy


The hubs taking the pictures

Tessa's ombre egg, she's so trendy

Our lacey beet egg, long story

1 found Easter basket

2 found Easter basket

 found Easter basket by zombie child

My MIL made this!!! How cute is that, plus dies anyone else NOT love stale peeps?

Goin' hunting for some eggs

These were hidden by a 6' 2" cousin

I found one!

This is the best field for egg hunting

Can't get enough of these three

However, Tess was apparently done with Jake

 Some of our beautiful eggs

Tessa's eggs

Isabella's eggs

Jake's eggs

And do you want to see why we found in our backyard this morning.............

how appropriate

Always being renewed,

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