April 11, 2012

The project that keeps on giving.....

Somebody stop me!

About a month ago I decided to reposhture my front entrance. You can see the progress, here, here, and here.

Although I love it, the walls just didn't seem finished.  So I added upholstery nails. What do you think?

And I really need your input on this one, should i leave it alone, should I add covered buttons to really make it look upholstered.

Or is enough is enough already?

Now I'm off to make a Rapunzel cake for my wee Tessa who will be 4 tomorrow! Wish me luck or send the cake fairies to help a motha out.

Always being renewed,

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  1. I've seen the progress and I love how you turned your entrance. It looks amazing! I would opt for covered buttons but let's hear other fellow blogger's opinion.

    I'm your newest follower now Kim! :D

    Note : Happy Birthday to Tessa! I got it wrong, I thought her name is Izzy. So sorry

  2. Covered buttons!! Covered Buttons!!


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