May 21, 2012

Slipcover Alterations

I hate store bought slipcovers.

 but I hate this more...
oh yeah, already tried the turning over the cushion trick....

no dice.

So since these couches are still in very good structural condition (I often tell my husband that is why he should not trade me in for a younger model, I am still in very good structural condition, I just need a slipcover!), I couldn't justify new couches.

Now mind you custom slipcovers can run you about the cost of new couches as well and I could make myself custom covers but then I would need large amounts of uninterrupted time in which to accomplish that task and well, you know how that goes.  So I couldn't justify custom made slipcovers.

I bought the generic slipcovers and I loved them at first. But you just can't tuck all of that extra material and expect it to stay put! I have lasted a year before tackling this project. Really because I was secretly encouraging the children to jump on the couch. Yeah go ahead and jump, jump, jump! Hoping they might break the arm off or something equally devastating and we would have to buy some new furniture. Be it known, these couches are 13 years old and I am due!! 

But patience Kimmy-san, patience

They looked so new and fresh and then the kids sat on one of them......and they instantly lost the new blush of slipcover beauty.
Rumpled......and this is a good day! Somehow most of the members of my family don't just sit on the cushion. They would rather sliiide into position via the armrest which means that most of the time the slipcover is up and over the armrest exposing its foundational garments that it was originally clad in. Embarrassing for all parties.

How can you remedy this sad situation?

Customize the store bought slipcover. 
 This is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced sewer ( that would read sew-er, not sue-er. That would be gross and we don't do gross on this here blog). So if you feel rather comfortable around a sewing machine then you can do this.

Okay- here's the skinny:
Place your slipcover on your couch, WRONG side out. I started by pinning the center of the slipcover. By that I mean I placed the side seams where they should line up with the side seams of the couch and then pinned the excess in the middle. Draw a line using a highlighter about 1" from the pins. 

Take off the slipcover and sew on that line. I cut off all of the excess before I sewed it as it really got in the way when trying to fit it to the couch. But I am rather fearless like that and figure what's the worst that can happen.... I'll have to get a new couch. (if you think you are hearing evil maniacal laugh right YOU ARE!! Ahhhahaha)

I put the slipcover back on wrong side out and then pinned the arms and side seams. I really did need to cut away a lot of the material because they add so much here in order for it to fit the majority if couches. then I just pinned again and drew my line and then sewed those two seams.

I added a few pleats to take up the excess of the upper arm area and make it fit better. Here it is violating all slipcover laws....

This is it from the right side of the law

This is the inside arm area. I did pin each seam and then sew it before pinning the next section. You can pin all of the seams and then sew all of the seams.  I felt like I would fit it better if I could take out the excess bit by bit and then I had a better end product.  Be crazy and do what cha like!

I did the deck last. That is what the white part is called. I pinned the sides and corners and then did the back. When doing this make sure that you first place the skirt at the height that you want and then pin it in place so it doesn't move while you manipulate the deck area to fit it. This last part will take patience as the corners were wily. They have 4 different seams coming into them and I had to continually check the center to make sure I wasn't pulling it off center in the back but I think it was worth it.
I still need to tuck occasionally but it is tons better.

This took me about 2 hours over all, I had a few interruptions so i am guesstimating a bit. I try to give a time table for all of my projects so y'all can plan accordingly if you want to give said projects a whirl and I hope that you do. It will save you a ton of money and I am all about saving  the mooh-la.

What do you think? 
If you like it does that mean I have to keep the couch?

Yes because I need to be content with what I have currently. Often times we want and we want and we want and we don't realize what we already have. I have a structurally sound couch so I don't need another one. A messy slipcover means my kids are at home and have fun in our house. In a few years my kids will be grown and I'll wish to see the slipcover askew. I also know that eventually, we will be able to do the LR and I can get some new couches then but in the meantime, the Lord is teaching me to rest in Him. He is faithful to either help me to see ways that I can be content or how I can make something less annoying and more workable for us. And guess what?

I am OK with that

Always being renewed,

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  1. Love, love, love your outlook and being content with what we have! I really feel rewarded when I take things I already have from boring and unwanted and turn them into something exciting and useful. You really worked that slipcover, btw!


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