May 1, 2012

Red Rustic Table and What Will it be?

Coming home from a Laser Storm birthday party. My senses start to sharpen.  My eyes scan the horizon, my eyesight becoming laser sharp.....I see it. I knew there was booty to be scavenged from the sidewalk!

Can you tell I want to see "The Avengers" movie? I want to have super powers or at least a rockin' super suit!  I would need Edna from The Incredibles to create a super suit that magically makes all the bulges disappear. Now that would be like SHAZAM SUPER!

Alas, I did get a rockin' new rustic plant stand. 

Isn't she purty?

I thought I'd try to make use of the beautiful sun and get some "artistic"shots of her before I performed surgery to stabilize her.

She was only held together with one wee little U nail

"Clamp"........"Clamp, Doctor"

"Cast"......."Cast, Doctor" 

Forgot to shoot the "Drill"......."Drill, Doctor" and the "Screws"......."Screws, Doctor" photos. I wouldn't trust me if you were having elective furniture surgery. I might forget something!

She recovered from her surgery lightning quick cause she has super powers and no one could tell she went under the knife. 

We went on location in the beautiful, exotic suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. She is so very rustic that I thought it would be appropriate to put her in various areas of my flower beds. 


Just wanted to show you the old crib side I use as a trellis for my morning glories.

You'll never look at a crib side the same way again. I once used a baby doll  crib side to make a hanging pot rack. I think I found my super power! I have Junk Vision! Able see  items in ways they were never meant or should be used. I'm claimin' it as my own. 

Can you just imagine my super suit?????

I thought I'd take a few more shots of the garden as the light was changing so I could also practice my exposure triangle. 

Now here is another challenge for you? This is intended to be a bamboo place mat.
What will it be turned into?

I may have to start a regular post... What will it be Wednesday?

So, answer these questions:
What will this be?
What is YOUR super power? 

Always being renewed,

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  1. Oh Kim! How can I tell? You're so unpredictable! lol! Something amazeballs I guess!


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