May 16, 2012

Old Tie Eye Glasses Case

If you stopped by yesterday for a visit you saw that I made a glasses case for my brand spankin' new reading glasses out of one of husband's old ties.

He had a nice 80's thin tie that was perfect for my glasses. If you have a wider tie, see if the other end will  work for a slim pair of glasses. 

If you are still wearing your 80's style glasses, I can't help you. 

So here's the skinny....(tie that is...)

Lay your glasses next to the tie to measure length

ANd then lay on top to make sure width is good. You can also slide them inside to see if they will fit. Mine got lost the tie. So therefore I am highly recommending that you just LAY them on top.

Cut about 1 inch longer than the glasses

I served the edge with my serger, Sergei. It was love at first overlocked sight. Serge at the 1 inch mark.

As long as it took you to read this...that is how long it will take you to make this!

I have yet to do this but
 if you add some D-rings to the other end, you've got yourself a groovy belt

Always being renewed by God's Grace,

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  1. Morning Kim isn't that interesting. Hope u have a good weekend ahead

  2. Kim, this is brilliant!!!! Thanks so much for sharing at Project Queen's Link Party.

  3. Wow! You certainly have a creative mind, coming up with that idea. The case really looks cool and stylish, and you can bring it anywhere you go. This is a brilliant idea, Kim! It can definitely help you avoid getting scratches on your glasses from dirt and other rough objects.


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