June 16, 2012

Childs shoe refashion

I rarely by my kids shoes at a retail store. They are just so hard on them and they grow so fast. AND I can pretty much get almost new shoes for like $0.95!

I picked some adorable pink slip ons for $1.50 at the Red, White, and Blue for Tessa because she has only been wearing flip flops to church for the last 6 weeks and frankly I thought they might start taking up a collection for our family.

She loved them at first but about 3 days later she said she needed new church shoes. Why?

"Mama, they have no sparkly stuff!"

So Sparkle she shall have......and so can you! The secret ingredient is........

Glitter Nail polish. This should be in every DIYer's tool box!

This was two coats. I painted just inside the sewn area but I didn't like how the ring turned out so I painted the whole ring and not just inside the thread. Then I added some snappy dots and Badda Bing!

Tess gave this two toes up with a circle snap!
Always being renewed,


  1. Cute! And so simple. Glad your little lady liked them :)

  2. Great idea! My kids would love to help out with that glitter. We may have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration! Tricia

  3. Get outta here! LOL! Love them! I've been thinking of this glitter idea for my keys!


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