June 26, 2012

Garage Door......

Just a quick What will it be Wednesday!

This was our old garage door that the Manly Man and I replaced two weeks ago. Yes, we did. Lots of little parts but just follow the directions and you can do it!! Saved $700!!

So before my husband could say the backyard is starting to look like Sanford and Son, I had to come up with a good use for the old wood sections. I knew we couldn't just throw them out or donate them to the local dump. Not right. But the ideas eluded me.
I woke up in the middle of the night and came up with the idea! My best ideas seem to come at 3 am. Why is that!!! I could really use the sleep....doesn't my brain know that??
Do any of you other brilliant bloggers have the same issue? Makes for a hard days work the next day I tell ya'.

Stop back tomorrow to see what it turned into......
What do YOU think it will be?

Always being renewed,


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with. Megan

  2. I bet u turned them into a bench seat or a bar for the porch or a potting bench.

  3. a couch or a really cool picture frame or a skylight or a pot rack or a planter box...my mind just went a little nuts wondering at the possibilities! :)

  4. I would say room devider or you know those foldablle partition things but it would be really tall....

  5. Well, judging from the size and shape of the wooden door, I think you would make it as a bench for your backyard, am I right? I can’t explain it, but it’s what my gut is telling me right now. :)

    1. Yes! You can go see the finished bench at http://reposhture.blogspot.com/2012/07/garage-doorbench.html.

  6. I was awestruck by the outcome of your recycled garage door, Kim. You even put pillows on it. :P I bet you guests would totally be amazed like me once they see your creation. By the way, I hope the new garage door you installed is working great! Hope it serves you for a long time like the old one did.

  7. Well you give me idea on what to do on my old garage door. I actually wanted to give it away but when I found your blog something came into my mind and looking forward to have time to make it come true. Good post!

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