June 29, 2012

My Sister's Wreaths

Hi Miss Missy! Since You WILL be reading this (it is in the sister contract that you signed, remember? It is right under the paragraph about being able to borrow each others clothes forever?) just thought I'd start by saying a "hello gorgeous!"

Missy is my Big Sista. She is one of the loves of my life and I love spending time with her whenever I can. She lives in NJ and I am in Pittsburgh so it is not often enough or long enough but we deal. I think every visit is ended with the phrase "I wish you lived closer...."

You have seen her a few times on the blog in pictures, see here and here. But NOW you can see her bee-u-tiful wreaths that she makes.

I love the summery-ness of this one. I think she might have just made this because I don't remember this one the last time I was out. Somebody stop her, no, somebody have her make me a few!

Spring Butterflies

She said a few bit the dust while hanging on the front door. I think they just might have flown away they look so real

This one is my favorite because I love the rich colors and the peacock feathers. I could never have patiently wrapped that string around the wreath form. Well, I could have but I would have probably chucked it half way through the process and said "Isn't there any good trash I can weld?" NO patience for this kind of crafting.  She is a patient, steady girl and I am a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl.

Funny how we are so different but from the same family. We both got the crafting gene though.

She also made me this awesome ring that I literally wear almost every single day.
I like to think I am wearing a little piece of her when I look at it. Plus it is silver and funky, just how I like my jewelry.

She blames me for getting her going on this creative streak. Her husband and my nephew think she is addicted. Hey if you are going to be addicted to something it might as well be creativity.

She likes the blogs that are jewelry and fashion oriented that I don't have time to visit and tells me about what inspired her and then we laugh and talk for hours about what we are going to make next.

XOXO Big Sis.

I wish you lived closer girl!

Always being renewed,

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  1. What a lovely wreaths. Perfect for any seasons! I love the last photo, very fit for my condo in philippines. :)


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