June 2, 2012

Save those Oven Burner Grates!

If it was Tuesday I'd say this post should be called Tip Me Tuesday but it's Saturday and I can't think of a rhyme right now so just stay with me here mmmmkay?

When we got rid of our old stove I saved the old burner grates for some reason.

 I'm either weird like that or I have amazing foresight. I'll go with the latter.

Why would you save old burner grates? Heavy Duty Frisbees perhaps? Could be but I decided to use them for good rather than evil.

These grates actually make grate (hee, hee) plant props! I was always getting rust stains or water stains on my porch until I put my plants on these.  Now water drains right out from  under the pot and I have a nice clean porch. Plus it just makes them look like they are on a little fancy pedestal. 

We all look better when we are put on a pedestal don't we?

 So now you know, save the grate grates!

Always being renewed,
Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special


  1. I noticed the moisture from my front porch pots is wrecking the railing on which they sit. I asked my husband to cut me some little pieces of wood to put under them for circulation. Then I saw your incredibly brilliant idea! That's what sets truly creative people apart from us mediocre people; cool burner grates vs. cruddy pieces of wood. I'm so glad I follow creative you!

  2. Genius!! Never would have thought of that! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Wow! Great (ha, ha!) idea!

  4. Such a great idea! I tried to pin it so I would remember it for later but for some reason Chrome wouldn't let me darn it! Hopefully I can remember this. Thanks for showing us this great idea.

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