August 21, 2012

It's Official!

I am officially selling my wares at a real life shop!
I am so nervous. 

 I am working on sprucing up this space but I had to start back to school this week so I can't do anything until Friday when I am off again. Plus I ruined my back on Sunday so I am currently walking at about half my upright height. I'll post pics when I get something done but for now I am just happy to have some of this out of my foyer. It means more can come in!!!

Always being renewed,


  1. YAY congrats and sending healing thoughts and prayers your way

  2. WOOHOO~~So happy for you!
    I tore the tendons behind my knee a couple of weeks ago, so I can sympathize with your pain. Just don't rush it, I tried to do too much, and set my healing back by at least a week.
    Sending healing thoughts, and congratulations.....Sandra

  3. Congrats!! Good luck..and I hope you feel better.


  4. Hooray for you!!! Keep us posted on how it goes. Feel better, Kim.

  5. Oh no, sorry for your back. I love it when bloggers share their sales spaces, though, so Yay! I'm excited for you.


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