August 30, 2012

Three-Toned Vanity

You've seen all the two-toned furniture all over blogland and Pinterest, right? Well, I am taking it to the next level.....

Three-toned furniture! Yep, I went there. Now who's gonna follow me on this new adventure?
The different woods on this beauty were getting lost in the brownness of it.

Yes I ALMOST forgot to take the before picture! I wanted to try to stain the piece so the veneers would show up better but because one is light and the other is dark there would be no way either would contrast enough so, paint it is. 

I picked a paint called Cotton Knit from Behr and mixed it into my chalkpaint recipe and got to work. Cotton Knit is a very light tan, bordering on dark cream  or maybe ecru. But when I mixed it with the POP, it took on a more creamy off white. I actually like it.

The Fiddes and Son light wax deepened the tan and you know I love contrast. I did not touch the mirror because really there is just a strip of wood that could be painted behind the mirror and I don't think that would have added a thing to the final product. 

What do you think?
I am clearly not trying to focus on the brick or the downspout but that is what I got. I was trying to show you the cool Walnut burl veneer on the top of the mirror, Well, I do enjoy all things vintage, even if the old and vintage are vines. 

Some gold detailing. This is a pain in the buttski to add but I always love the detail after it's done.

Finally a good shot to show the two contrasting veneers. You can see on the bottom of the mirror that they added both types of veneers here as well. Love old things. They know how to add details and how to build furniture. Can you imagine what this would look like today? 
Bad particle board with fake veneers laminates. Meh.
Old things rock.
So does the new Three-toned finish trend I am starting.....  

Always being renewed,


  1. That is gorgeous! I love the three tones. Megan


  3. Kim you did a great once again. Just came back from holidays and noticed your new profile photo... very artistic!


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