August 28, 2013

How do you make an ugly railing look better?

First off, this week has been a roller coaster of emotions! Tessa got up and was so excited for KDG. on Monday and then promptly told me when I picked her up at the end of the day....... that she wasn't going back. She cried for 40 minutes at bedtime but got right up the next morning and went to school. She is a little trooper. I didn't hurt that I promised her a notebook if she went to school the next day. She's a cheap bribe! I searched for the prettiest blue sparkly notebook I could find and she loved it. She has been great ever since. She was even playing school today after school.

God is good! ANd once again thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!

So Monday was packed with projects so my mind wouldn't focus on the silence in my house.....I even did laundry! I really must have needed to have something to do!

One of the projects I worked on was my front railing that leads up to the house.
I hate that railing! Someone just took some black pipe and made a railing. They obviously wanted cheap  not chic. 

 What do you think of it now??

Make sure you check your numbers on BOTH sides...... you don't want 461 and 164 on the other! Not that I know why you need to be careful of this mistake!

I just used some eye screws to thread my cable through...I did use tiny zip ties around the cable at each eye screw to keep the boards where I wanted them. I used black so they disappear pretty much next to  the brown eye screw. 

and then used cable clamps to secure the cable around the pipe. I did have to spray paint the cable, eye screws, and clamps so they looked a little more vintage. 

The pallet wood got white washed so it would be a bigger contrast with the numbers. I just realized I should Sharpie the screw heads so they are the same color!

Now my next question for you is.....should I leave them alone or add something to the bottom?
I was thinking about adding some small flower pots but then that would make me have to water them and my time is at a premium now so not sure how dead plants would be too inviting...
Any thoughts?

Always being renewed,

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  1. I love this so much!!

    BTW, my kindergartener doesn't like it either.
    I hope yours is faring much better...a week in and STILL crying when she gets on the bus.....heartbreaking.

  2. I like the numbers as is. Aaaand I've just realized that our only house number is an ugly light box covered by a low-hanging tree in front of the house. I might have to figure something out this weekend...

  3. I found your blog on My Repurposed Life. You are very creative. You should come party with us starting at 9:00pm cst tonight. Come by and link up!

  4. Coming your way from My Repurposed Life and I have to say that I just adore this house number display! I love seeing clever and fresh ideas! Nice job!

  5. The numbers look great! It is very clever the way you created them and it makes the railing look less "pipe-y" (if that makes sense, lol)! Stopping by from My Repurposed Life!

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  6. What a huge difference this one small project made. Definitely adds to the curb appeal. I love it!

  7. that looks great, and is a neat idea. I think your ugly railing is very rustic or something, tho. this summer we took all the scrolls out of our railings to make just straight rods. so much better.

  8. Love this project! but also adore those sweet pics of the kiddos! sooooo sweet! thanks for linking to catch as catch can.... shared this post on my fb page


  9. Not to sound stupid, but if you hate the railing, why not just take it out? It doesn't look like your neighbor (from one of the pics) has one, so it must not be needed by law. If you don't need it for functionality...

    1. They are actually supposed to have a railing but our code office isn't very good. We have elderly parents and visitors so that is why I needed to keep it but make it better. Thanks for stopping!

  10. Wow! Looks great! Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers.

  11. Call me CrAzY but I like the pipe railing.
    But... I also like your numbers.
    I like the plants that are already planted there.
    I think you did good!

    I'm here via My Repurposed Life

  12. I love the way your railing looks! The numbers are just perfect and I love the pictures of the kiddos. What a beautiful family you have, Kim!

  13. This is too cute! Like it!


  14. Stopping by to let you know I will be featuring your great railing redo tomorrow on Made in a Day! Thank so much for linking up!

  15. Okay, I actually like your railing...kinda industrial chic. But you definitely jazzed it up with your sign. Really like this!


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