May 23, 2012

Guest Posting over at Live, Love, Green and a What will it be Wednesday/

Hey people! It's Two things Tuesday! Just kidding but I do have two things to share today.

First, I am not really here. I'll be talking to you today from Life, Love, Green! Amber is a green loving girl with a heart of gold. So make sure you visit her (and me, I miss you!) and find out what you could be doing to become more ecologically conscience, in a fun way.

Second it IS a "What Will it Be Wednesday?"
This is a trim piece from a sidelight door frame. Found it on the trash and of course did the grip it and rip it into the car in a downpour. So worth it. 
I am tweaking my front porch a bit and this is gonna be the perfect addition. Come back next Wednesday to see what it will be.......

Leave a comment to see who has the best guess. This isn't just for entertainment purposes, it is also to keep up the challenge of trying to look at things in a different light. 

Always being renewed,


  1. I guess it is gonna be a sconce frame but can I have the endtable that is near it ... gorgeous!!
    off to the guest post now see u soon

  2. Aww yea! I have a heart of gold. Well I don't know what its going to be but since I'm reading this a week late and in a blog reader I bet I find out pretty soon! ;)


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