May 10, 2012

Place mat Clutch

Can you say Dork! Well, you just called me a dork and I deserve it.  When I showed you how to make the original place mat purse, I said I would give you a BOGT (that means Blog one tute get two crafts in my world) and I totally forgot to show you the clutch I made from one  of the other place mats!! See... DORK!

So here it is.  I have to say I really felt so much more comfortable taking the pics of me with the ski poles than taking these photos.  So to provide some much needed levity for my ego I will provide some captions.

"Boy do I really need to weed....ewww, what is that? "

"No really, what the heck is that crawling in the grass??"

"Oh look the neighbor is staring at me." She must be saying "What a self-centered dork. Taking pictures of herself and in THAT outfit. Meh."

 Okay, got that out of my system and into yours. I hope it made you laugh. It made me laugh at myself which I think I am now doing daily. Not sure if I am that funny or just off my meds.

So here is how to turn a place mat into a clutch.

You'll need:

Place mat
glue gun and glue

You will glue the card board like above

Fold two pieces of cardboard like so. The length should be as long as the finished clutch will be. I used a straight edge to help me fold the small flaps easier. 

Glue one of the folded pieces on each side of the body of the clutch like so, gluing the small flaps under the edge of the larger cardboard. I will not use this too much because with three kids I need handles to keep hands free for holding  so I did not finish the inside like I did on the handled purse but feel free to do the same. Go here to see how to accomplish this. 

If you decide to used a fabric place mat, all you would need to do is fold in thirds and sew up the sides. Purse in, like 3 minutes! You go girly!

Oh, add a button or any other embellishments you like to the front. I may add a snap later but it stays shut just fine so maybe I'll be a little free and stay unsnapped. 

This is NOT a good philosophy however for foundational garments, just so you know.

We are only on this earth for a short while so.....

Be free today to dance while people are looking and sing while strangers can hear
Always being renewed by God's Grace,


  1. Kim you crack me up! We dorks think alike! LOVE IT!

  2. I was laughing so hard through the first few pics I hardly noticed the clutch which turned out cute
    Your yard is dreamy reminds me of back home in NY

    1. Thank You RaNae! It is a work in progress, slow progress......

  3. Kim you're a genious in this section! I can see a bright future ahead of you! :)

  4. Oh... and could you make one for me too, please? :)

  5. Hope u had a great Mothers Day Kim
    Your Texas Friend

  6. Your post made me smile! I love the clutch, too cute! I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!


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