May 4, 2012


I was going to have my "What will it turn into Wednesday" project done for tomorrow but I have been busy getting ready for my sisters weekend! Whoo, Hoo! So not much got done this week. Here is a sneak peek of where I am going with the place mat....
I added fabric and cardboard. Hmmmmm. Any guesses?

Come back oh around Tuesday or Wednesday and you'll see my new ____________!
Ohhhh, I can't wait.

Anyway, my sisters and I, one older and one younger, ( yes I am the middle child; explains a lot) have been having a get-away weekend once a year for about  7 years. We all live at least 5 hours away from each other so we meet somewhere in the middle. This year we are going to the Poconos!

We grew up outside of Philadelphia and we would go to the Pocono Mountains at least once a summer and this weekend is going to bring back so many memories and I know create new ones. It is like a big slumber party with chocolate,  great snack foods, chocolate, stories, chocolate. Yes there is never enough chocolate. I don't see the problem.

I was lobbying to reserve one of those rooms with the giant champagne glass hot tub but they said no. Party Poopers. Something about we are so old that we would get stuck in it and then have to call maintenance to haul our sad saggy butts out with a Hoyer lift. They didn't see the humor in it or the amazing blogging potential of it all!!

They have no vision.

So I thought I'd at least give you something to look at this weekend if you happen to stop by for a visit. Thank you by the way if you did, I really appreciate it!

These are really my self-imposed homework so I'll get better at this photography thing. Here are some pretty photos of my irises that just bloomed today since  they would be gone by the time I got back on Sunday. I love texture and so I took a few others.

I hope that these pictures will inspire you to take a closer look at God's design in nature. Each leaf is deliberate. Each color harmonized within the petals or the spikes. Every cell works together to make the plant grow and reach out for the Sun.

Now look at your own life. Hopefully you will see His design in your own life. Each circumstance is deliberate. Each person in your life harmonized by Him.

Everything works together towards His goal of making you grow
to reach out
the Son.

Have an amazing weekend.
Always being renewed,


  1. Kim I am DYING over here!!! It's me - your soul sister. So I just read this post and of course I am a middle child too and grew up and still live outside of Philadelphia. This is getting creepy! LOL!

  2. Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses


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