September 4, 2011

Jiffy pop costume

Some days my mind explodes with ideas and other days not so much. Well two Halloweens ago I had an explosion kind of idea. Jiffy pop! That would make a great costume for my 18 month old to wear!! She'll love it!!

I used a pool noodle to make a circle form.

Sew silver lame (update: that would read la-may not lame like "I made a very lame attempt at running". I couldn't figure how to make that little accent guy that goes over the "e"!) to lining and make it like a very short curtain. Measure your child to get a good length and then add 7 inches for the top.Make a 5" rod pocket opening. Make two of these about 2x as long as the noodle. Push noodle through opening and then duct tape noodle closed in circle. You will have arm openings on either side now. Sew up the sides and most of the top of the lame and lining.

Fill with packing peanuts until you like what it looks like. Sew top shut. Make sure you leave the extra lame at the top and now cut it roughly to make it look like the jiffy pop just popped open.

Now the fun part!! Pop popcorn!  You will want to pop two bags. Not because it takes two to cover the hat but once you take a bite......

Glue to an old hat, covering every opening.

Undo a wire hanger (yes, it is okay to use them in our house!) and form into a handle and spray paint silver.

Stab it into the noodle, pull out and put hotglue on the ends and stab back in.

Now try it on the 18 month old!!

Just so you know, she hated it, and she didn't wear it this year either and when I asked her to put it on today for pictures, she said " This is the last time Mama".

Free to good home..Never been used.  How about a nice ballerina costume this year?


  1. I LOVE this! I too spent a lot of time creating a Santa costume for my son (the Santa part was his idea, the use of a blond wig cut up and re-made into a beard & mustache was mine) he hated that costume too and only wore the red suit. UGH ~ kids! Gotta love them though :)

  2. I LOVE this ! My kids always loved my homemade costumes when they were little...I wish I had thought of this back then!

  3. Wanted to thank you for giving me a start to making my own daughter's Jiffy Pop costume this year--apparently it was a big snack in the Scream movies which she is obsessed with.

    1. Sorry I don't know how to post the photo of her but you can check out on my facebook page: Linda Rothschild


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