September 7, 2012

Frosted Glass Paint projects

I have a super cool project for you to do today. It came out of a broken project that happened on vacation. On our way beck form Canada this July we, stayed over in Corning NY and went to  the Corning Glass Museum.
Go there.
So many cool things to see and they have amazing projects for the kids to do. Kids under 19 are, wait for it..... FREE! When does that ever happen. Total win right there but then they have a "Make your own Glass" Studio. You can do sandblasting for $10, make a pendant for $19, ornament for $27 and so on. The sand blasted glass project can be taken home the same day so essentially our kids got in for $10 each AND they got a super cool unique souvenir to take home.

That's a Home Run in my book!

So here are Jake and Tessa's sandblasting projects. Yes I have three children. Guess why we are doing this project. 
I don't know who cried more when Izzy's glass broke, Tessa or Izzy? Heart breaking. This happened two days after we got home for vacation. So what would any Mama do in this situation?
Find a solution to make over the glass. And quick!

Frosted Glass Spray Paint to the rescue! You can also use etching acid but the words acid and children should really never go together.  Agreed? I thought so. You're all such good mamas!

 Picked up some plain glasses at Big Lots and broke out the skinny tape and had the girls get to work. We had four glasses so I thought each of the kids could each make one. Turns out only me and the girls wanted to have our artistry immortalized in frosted glass. Jake passed.

So here is what you need:
clean glass
stickers or masking tape
Frosted glass spray paint

And here's the skinny on how to do it:
Mask off your pattern on the outside of the glass. If doing a bowl or plate, do the underside.

Here's Izzy's masking job, very modern art

Tessa was more free form 

Mine. I wanted to mimic a skyline. 

This is after one coat of the paint. It will not look like you did anything the first minute or two. Just wait. As it dries, it will start to "etch" or frost. IT dries in about 2 minutes. Love fast projects!
Do about 3 coats to get even coverage. I found it best to NOT spray in a straight line as you will get lines on your project. Willy Nilly is the standard for this project.

Now remove the tape! Love, Love, Love!

Do not put these in the Dishwasher.
 Ask me how I know? I now have to do this project a third time due to tears.......Should have read those darn directions

And here is another use I found for it.
 Covers up the craft cabinet very nicely!

Yes, I can still see the "Stuff" but this is way better than full on glass. Looking Glass mirror paint would have been great here as well.

Hmmmmmm, I got my own thinker thinking.......

Always being renewed,

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