September 29, 2012

Friendly Features

Can you believe I got another cold!! I am sure I am coughing so much there is a germ attached to each letter that I type! So don't touch your screen! But what do ya' think of my new look??? While in bed yesterday I figured I might as well try to learn how to make a custom banner/header. It only took me all day. But at least I can check that off of the  Spiffing Up  the Blog List.

Anyway, while I am sitting here letting my Teeny Tess watch boatloads of TV as I crawl out of the mountain of tissues surrounding me, I thought I'd highlight some things today.

I had the coolest thing happen to me about 3 weeks ago. I had another blogger email me to share a piece of furniture that she had re-done using my reverse stencil technique.

Here is my piece.....

Michelle said: "Hi there!  I just wanted to let you know that you totally inspired me for a piece that I have been agonizing over what to do with.  I wanted something special, but was not happy with what I was finding.  When I saw your piece I knew it was exactly what I wanted.  I just wanted to share it with you.  Thank you again!!" 

Are you ready for this????

My jaw dropped. I love it and I love that she used contact paper to make her own stencil!  She has just inspired me right back to go buy some regular old contact paper and get painting. Maybe the fumes will clear out my sinuses? 

Please go over to visit Michelle at {re}imagined | Just for You to see all of her beautiful painted furniture and just to meet her. Then you will find your self following her and then wanting to move to Michigan to go to her Barn, like every week and then move in with her! Oh, that's just me. Maybe you will have more restraint! Please go visit her and bring a cup of coffee, you will be there for a spell.

Next is a dear friend of mine who doesn't want me to tell you of her awesomeness. We will call her "C" for our purposes here today to keep her identity a secret.  She must be in the Secretly Awesome Crafters Protection Program (SACP²)! C actually told me to tell y'all that I had come up with this idea! No way Santa Fe! C this is all you and both are amazing.

 C has been searching for a storage piece for her LR that either was already painted in a beautiful turquoise or could be painted. Since C was having trouble finding this out and about so she sawed the top off of a hutch to make a console table.  I rubbed off on her! 

She asked me how to do it and she knocked it out of the ball park! These are my iPhone pics so sorry about the graininess but I think you can see for yourselves C is a rockstar! We seem to have a turquoise theme going today....

Then she stenciled her shade suing a $2 stencil and a sharpie!

Here's a close-up. It looks even better in person. I love that she took a functional object that we all need for a little privacy but made it special with her imagination! Go C! I love you girl!

Do you secretly craft/DIY but don't have a desire or time to write a blog......come back tomorrow for your SACP² membership directions!!

Always being renewed,


  1. Kim! you are too funny. Please come to Michigan!! I would love it. We could get some serious crafting done, I am sure. If you are ever, ever any where near me you better come over and paint with me! Thanks for the feature and the kind words!

    Be wonderfully you today!



  2. Hi Kim,
    You are fearless, and that IS inspiring to all of us!
    BTW - LOVE your new look here!

  3. Great post, love the humour (SACP² lol)...and love the finished products you featured today!
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Debbie :)


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