May 14, 2013

RoomMates Decor Decals Feature

Just wanted to let you all know to go check out RoomMates Decor website. They featured my cherry blossom bureau on their blog!

Nicole, from RoomMates, found this dresser on Pinterest and recognized their decal and asked if they could highlight it. Of course I said Yes!!

This is the during of the dresser makeover with RoomMates Cherry blossom decal. The beauty of the decals is that they come in separate pieces so you can create your own design.  

Not only does this give you more say in how you want the finished product to look, but it if you have ever fussed with decals, the smaller the better!
Decals are much more manageable for placement and accuracy when they are in smaller bits. 

I only used about 1/4 of the available branches for this dresser. And I even went further and sliced up portions so that they fit together they way I liked and then painted over the stencil. A few pluses to this product. I re-positioned a few branches several times in order to get the look I wanted and the decal did not lose it's adhesion at all. If you were using this on a wall then, this is an absolute necessity and greatly appreciated. But when you are ready to remove it, will it harm it or the paint because it stuck so well? Nope. When it was time for me to remove the stencil to reveal the wood, the stencil came right off, did not leave any residue, and left my paint job intact! These are things that I think are look for in a product and have value to me. I will use these decals again in a heart beat.

And if you go to their website, they also show all the ways their decals have been used or could be used. It is a great starting point for someone new to using decals or if you just want to look for inspiration.
Who knew decals could be used so many ways! The good people at RoomMates do!

Well, the good people at RoomMates are soooo awesome they are giving away a decal of YOUR choice, up to a $60 value. Which is a lot of decal.
Did you know that they also have wallpaper?? I did not and I spent a little too much time on the website checking it all out instead of doing laundry...
And I don't feel guilty one bit. 
So go to check out their wares and then get right back here and
 enter to win people!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

No, I did not get paid for this...I just think they are cool!

Always being renewed,

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  1. AWESOMMMMMEEEE! I always loved that project, but never even considered where you might have gotten the stencil, or possibly doing that myself. BUT, now I have a project I'd like to reverse-stencil, and this is perfect timing!


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