January 7, 2012


Today I am officially married to my man for 18 years!  We have been together since 1987 so that makes us a couple for 24 years. I know this is just a saying but I do feel like it was just yesterday that we got married in an ice storm. He is camera shy so i won't post any pics out of respect for him so I can't show you the original wedding photos, so funny, or a recent pic of us to make  you laugh even harder but use your imaginations.

Here are some things I've learned and am still perfecting with God's grace.  Please do not assume that I am acting like a know-it-all with only 18 years under my belt. These are hard won lessons and and I am so glad God not only taught them to me but gave me a heart willing to listen. Hopefully, these might help you avoid some heartache in your marriage and will help you fall more deeply in love with your spouse.

1.  Believe in the goodness of your mate. Very few people intentionally mean to hurt you so make sure you are not reading into the motive more than there is. Usually it IS just an inconvenient oversight or mistake. Believe that they mean well.

2.  Analyze YOURSELF first after a misunderstanding or argument. You had something to do with it and you need to understand the why. We usually spend all of our time trying to make ourselves the right one and we should be making sure that we aren't justifying our behaviors.

3. Most of all, make yourself willing to change and adjust before asking your mate to change. Don't get angry that they aren't changing if you aren't willing to do the same.

4. Sit next to your mate when watching TV.

5. Give the "Signal" to your mate often.....make sure they know what the signal is.

6. Do not forget to do little things for your mate, like buy their favorite mouthwash when they mention they are out. Guess what? They start doing this for you too.

7.  Love is a choice not a feeling so don't make choices based on what "your heart" says. Love starts out as a feeling but when those oohey, gooey feelings fade, and they will, you make a choice everyday to do the loving and be the loving. When you choose to love, the feelings grow and  stay,     as long as you choose.

Happy Anniversary Babe.

Always being renewed,

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