January 12, 2012

I am finally getting back in the groove of furniture re-poshturing and it feels GRRRRReat! I am also trying to get my bedroom re-done. It always seems to me that I do every other room in the house first and I live with an ugly bedroom forever. So in an effort to at least make it more usable, I did re-arrange it and I love it!  Now to some pics of what is inspiring me for the room.

Orange and gray is the main color palate. But then I love turquoise as well so that may make it's way into the room too. I just want to say that orange and I were BFF's way before it became so popular! I don't know what that gets me, maybe just a trendy room that will be out of style in two years but at least it will make me happy. My foyer is tangerine on two walls and every time I come down the stairs I smile. So I think bold color choices are for me.

you know I love that ceiling! Our ceiling has those acoustic tiles so I need some inspiration on how to camouflage them b/c after removing them from one room of our house, I want to avoid it like the plaque.
via thelenoxx.com

Love the whole concept but I would replace everything yellow with orange.


via decorpad.com

I think I am going to make my fireplace screen out of PVC pipe!
 via houzz.com
 The goodwill is going to wonder why all of their plates are gone

I may even try to make this our of PVC. If I do, I let you know how it turns out!

via houzz.com

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