January 17, 2012

Bunk bed reveal and a few dressers

I  found  bunk beds for my daughter for her birthday at the Goodwill outlet and  promised I would show you them in their new home as well as her reaction.  Well here are the pics in Utopia, where children's bedrooms are spotless. Enjoy. I have only made it there once or twice. Maybe you have a better travel agent.

Is anyone else losing the stuffed animal war? I think the stuffed animal fairy delivers them while we sleep.
I did not buy matching bed sets as I am not a matchy-matchy person. The girls like that they have different sets and they can mix it up and trade. Also there is a ladder but it really made it hard to see the beds well. 

Now for her reaction and a dose of beautiful, messy reality:

Action shot landing on her top bunk

See the ladder? Yes it has socks on it. Yes that is to protect the paint job on the wood and no I did not paint the ladder because I knew it would look terrible in a few weeks and I would be driven to touch it up all the time and frankly, I can't live like that. I am firmly back in reality where practicality rules.

We still had to get Tess her bed at this point  but you can tell....they both love it 

I thought I'd take a few picture of their dressers that I re-did so they would at least look like they matched even if they were two different styles. I used an espresso colored paint for the stencil and the filled in the middle circles like gems using a hot pink glitter paint.  To keep the pattern uniform I lined up the drawers so they were all touching and then laid the 18x18 stencil across them. Use a small foam roller, lightly loaded, and just keep moving from left to right. 

And yes, that is me in all my pajama glory trying to get pictures before I had to go food shopping. Notice this is NOT a close up ;0) We don't need to keep it THAT real.

I love the whimsy that the stencil created and of course you can't go wrong with a little bling.

What have you done lately to create a bit of whimsy in your life?

Always being renewed,

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